Press reports of inquests

The links below relate to articles where a family member, or coroner, make a strong connection between the death and antidepressants. There are many more press stories online, relating to inquests following a suicide, where it is mentioned that the deceased person had been taking antidepressants, but no connection is explicitly made

Pregnant woman walks into path of train
Doctor failed to warm of side effects of anti-anxiety drug Venlafaxine when she began retaking it during pregnancy
Daily Mail

Women walks in front of train after starting on Mirtazapine
Family says death was very out of character, Coroner writes to NHS to ask that patients get clearer warning on suicide side-effects
North Norfolk News

  • See also related comment on the way that coroners’ warnings don’t seem to make much of a difference on Leonie’s blog

Retired headteacher slashes wrists while on Seroxat
Wife blames drug, says he had never before shown any suicidal intent and manner of death ‘didn’t fit the picture of who he was’
Guardian Society

Grandfather shoots himself soon after being prescribed

Wife says she noticed change in him as soon as he started on pills
Little Hampton Gazette

Mother hangs herself while children watch TV downstairs
Victim’s mother tells inquest her daughter turned into a ‘zombie’ after being prescribed Citalopram
Dail Mail news story

Man hangs himself after being described cocktail of
psychiatric drugs
Brother blames drugs for out of character suicide
Hunts Post

Expert tells inquest victim would not have taken own life
without Prozac

Coroner says drug ‘may or may not’ have contributed to death
Guardian Society

Caretaker hangs himself in school gym, sister blames
Dorest school caretaker hangs himself with a climbing rope. Sister says his ‘mood changed after medication was altered’
BBC Dorset

Tony Scott antidepressants: Prescription drugs found in Top Gun director’s system
Film director’s death ruled suicide, Mirtazapine found at autopsy
Huffington Post

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The website SSRI Stories hosts a huge database of press reports of suicides, murders and bizarre behaviour caused by antidepressants
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